About Us

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team both born and raised in the San Antonio area, and have a true love for the western lifestyle. We are dedicated to bringing the the beauty of western culture to everyone.

How it Started

It all began when Megan was gifted a basic leather kit in the summer of 2018 and started to practice basic tooling skills. The enjoyment of this craft soon bled into the idea of turning it into a small business at home. She started by making a few key fobs for friends and family, but soon got sidetracked when our new baby girl was born. In addition to this new stage of life, Kevin joined the military 2 months after Charlotte entered the world, which lead us to living in Nebraska during his active duty.

It was some time before thingsĀ got started again in 2019 when Kevin started learning the art of leather tooling and began creating a few tooled items for himself. Finding he had the talent to build on and how much he enjoyed it, he then began making wallets and Bible covers for friends and family, always striving for perfection and higher quality results, which lead into investing in more tools and the best quality leather. After a few items had been made, we tested the market by putting a wallet on Etsy to see if it would receive any interest. To our surprise, within a few days we had our first order! From then on Kevin balanced learning, creating new items, fulfilling orders, and out processing from active duty military.

Now a family of four, we moved back to our roots in the hill country of Texas in November of 2020, with a goal to create a leather craft business that brings the beauty of authentic western leather tooling to many.